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I'm Erin James, and I'm a Brighton-based Photographer, Writer, Poet, Graphic Designer, DJ, Events Organiser, Public Speaker, Curator and Founder of my own zine - @toughcookiemag.

I look to inspire others to speak out on difficult and stigmatized subjects through the medium of art. Currently, my work focuses on socially engaged topics and social justice issues, whilst championing and uplifting marginalised voices. My ethos and focus is on 'art as activism' and channeling my urge for change through various creative projects.

I am a proud Black mixed, queer and neurodivergent artist working in Brighton. These facets of my identity have previously made it hard for me to imagine being successful, and while barriers still exist, I use these parts of me and my experiences within my work in an effort to deconstruct previous narratives and ideas of who can be an artist, who can be successful, and who is most visible.

I am always available for commissions, be it graphic design, photography, articles, poetry or exhibitions, and I am always open to new possibilities, collaborations and endeavors. 

Some of the organisations I've worked with: